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Dr. Sarah Omodele,DNP, APRN, FNP-C.
Family Nurse Practitioner

Hi, I'm Sarah!

I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and a Health Coach. I have over 19 years of combined experience in Cardiology, Internal medicine, Gastroenterology, and Mental health. I am passionate about health, wellness, and lifestyle medicine.

I am a wife and a mom to 2 lovely children.


My goal is to equip my clients with the tools and knowledge needed to make sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.

We all want to be healthy, which means having more energy, feeling good about our body, and living our best life.

I am a trained health coach with a focus on lifestyle medicine. I help people improve their health, lose weight, and feel more confident by empowering them with the skills and knowledge to make positive behavioral changes. My goal is to
 guide you to be the best version of yourself. 

I look forward to working with you!



I found out it was more than the weight.

I have struggled to lose weight after my last child. I tried many diets, counted calories, fasted, detoxed, worked out endlessly at the gym, but nothing worked. I was busy, stressed, overwhelmed, and was struggling to find balance between my career and family life.

  • My health was suffering, and I had no energy to do the things I once loved.

  • I made unhealthy food choices and neglected my health. 

  • I was drained emotionally, physically, and mentally, and I found myself just

  • surviving. I realized my own health, sanity, dreams, and values were neglected while trying to do it all.


Here is what changed:

I had to make a mindset shift. I realized my health, happiness, and dreams had to be a priority. I had to re-evaluate and think about what really mattered to me. I realized my weight was a symptom of what was really going on inside.

Once I worked on the inside, my weight started melting away. I had more energy, more confidence, and self-love. 


I was able to find balance, reach my goal weight, and manage my stress. I was on a mission.

This awakening and my passion for helping people live a healthier lifestyle led to the birth of Unlayered Health and Wellness. Just like the name says, you must remove all the layers before you can truly heal. My passion is to help people break free from what is holding them back from being the true version of themselves.

My goal is to help you figure out what keeps you stuck from losing weight and making healthy lifestyle changes so you can feel more confident, have more energy, and finally embrace your true self!

I was busy, stressed, overwhel-med, and was struggling to find balance between my career and family life.

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