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My schedule was quite busy, and my schedule was hectic. I worked late hours and ate late at night, which contributed to my weight gain. Sarah helped me develop a plan that worked out for me. She gave me tools to manage stress and control my eating pattern. The comprehensive approach to discovering areas of concern was limiting me from living a well-balanced life. 

I will recommend Sarah because she is very committed and dedicated to helping her clients. She offered a lot of resources to help me navigate my journey to living a well-balanced life. She also worked 1:1 with me to help me achieve my goal. 


I have struggled with weight loss for about six years since the birth of my younger son. I really thought the weight will come off when I got serious. Despite getting serious about weight loss, my weight was not really going down. I might lose a pound today and gain it right back days later. ​

Since connecting with Sarah, it has been a major shift in my overall health, and in addition, I lost weight while on her program. The knowledge provided was the key thing for me, it helped me to make the right choices. It equipped me with the tools that I needed to manage my weight and my stress level/ anxiety. I lost 5 pounds while on the program and I am still losing weight, I have the tools needed to help when anxiety sets in. I was inspired to get into the program with Sarah when I saw results from her life.


have known Sarah for years and when I saw pictures of her having lost so much weight and radiating, I thought to give her a call cause I could tell that she had answers that I was looking for.


I struggled with weight loss and did not understand why. I thought I did everything there is to do, exercises, intermittent fasting, and all. It got to a point when I gave up- I felt I can never lose weight and then I called Sarah.

Since working with Sarah, a lot has changed. My confidence level is high, now. I know that I will soon start seeing changes in my body. 

Sarah helped me see food in another light and living healthier. 

This is not just about weight loss; it is a lifestyle change. I am not skipping meals; I am not starving myself but making healthier choices.


I will recommend Sarah to others. She is very helpful and professional at what she does. She is always ready to listen and answer questions. She gives the necessary guidance to achieve success.


I have always perceived myself as a healthy person. However, over the years, with poor diet and lack of exercise and physical activity, some diseases started creeping up on me. Six years ago, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol, 2 years later, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and just last year my A1C was in the diabetic range. I started working with Sarah, based on her knowledge and expertise on digging down into the roots and helping reverse these diseases.

After working with Sarah for 8 weeks, I had my annual physical and my cholesterol levels dropped back to normal (down 60 points), my blood pressure is in the normal heathy range and I am off my medications now, and my A1C dropped 1 point, putting me in the normal range. I am happy with my health and will continue to implement the tools and lifestyle change I have learnt from Sarah.


I genuinely enjoyed working with Sarah.  Her approach to health coaching is welcoming and completely without judgement.  She is a great communicator and I felt heard during our sessions.  The goal setting exercises and talking through how to get from where I am now to where I’d like to be super helpful and encouraging.  What seemed hugely impossible now feels doable as I set small but achievable goals. 

"Our Food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food."

- Hippocrates

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